Freedom Tunnel

Manhattan, New York

United States of America


Manhattan, New York





The Freedom Tunnel is an Amtrak railroad tunnel filled with amazing works of art and homeless people. It obtained its name from a graffiti artist known as Chris "Freedom" Pape. Accessing the tunnel is considered trespassing on Amtrak property which is a federal offense. Be careful, be safe and be wary of any others in the tunnel with you!


Take the 1 train to 125th street. Walk underneath the bridge until you come to an overpass. The tracks are now above you.Walk up the hill and slip through the gap between the fence and the overpass. Follow the tracks until you reach the tunnel.


The Freedom Tunnel is the name given to the railroad tunnel on the West Side Line under Riverside Park in Manhattan, New York City. Currently used by Amtrak trains to and from Pennsylvania Station, it got its name because the graffiti artist Chris "Freedom" Pape used the tunnel walls to create some of his most notable artwork. The name may also be a reference to the former shantytowns built within the tunnel by homeless populations seeking shelter and freedom to live rent-free and unsupervised by law enforcement. The tunnel runs approximately 2.6 miles (4.2 km), from 72nd Street to 124th Street.

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