Horseshoe Falls

Munising, Michigan

United States of America


Munising, Michigan





Horseshoe Falls is a privately run tourist attraction. It is a great stop for families and kids! There is a small admission fee but little kids will have the opportunity to go on a fun mini-scavenger hunt. Gnome Hunt, where they have a list of all of the gnomes names and along the trail they have to find each gnome and check it off the list.

The enchanted waterfall. No worry or fear allowed on these grounds. Within these limits dwell love, romance, faith, hope, peace of mind and courage. Enter with joy and know that you are free and at peace with yourself and the world. The enchantment is yours to possess.


Horseshoe falls is located just south of Munising allow highway 28. You will want to take the Prospect St exit and head east. The are appears to be a neighborhood, just ride along through until you reach the attractions location.

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