Inn of Chicago Rooftop

Chicago, Illinois

United States of America





If you need a place to relax and kick back this is the place to go. Maybe you're looking for a casual chill party to throw, whats a better place than the top of a skyscaper! Always be responsible though!


To access the rooftop of the Inn Of Chicago just find the hotel on the Magnificent Mile. Hop onto the tiny elevators and climb to floor 22. From there you should be able to easily access the rooftop balcony. It is the perfect place to through a party!


The Inn of Chicago, originally known as the Hotel St. Clair, was built in 1927 by Oman & Lihienthal, and is located at 162 East Ohio Street in the Streeterville neighborhood of Chicago. The hotel is currently part of the Choice Hotels International hotel chain, after a history involving many exchanges between management companies.

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