Lager Mill

Frankenmuth, Michigan

United States of America


701 Mill St

Frankenmuth, Michigan


(989) 652-3377





If you go through the backdoor you can witness the actual Mill and waterfalls. You can also take a tour through the museum for a cheap fee(probably $2). Or just get wasted and buy all kinds of different types of beer


Quite easy to find, just GPS the address. Once inside the Lager Mill go through the backdoor.


Frankenmuth Brewery is a brewery and restaurant in Frankenmuth, Michigan. It is one of the oldest breweries in Michigan. The business closed in 2003 and reopened in 2009.

Martin Heubisch and Wilhelm Knaust built a brewery in 1862. John G. Geyer bought it in 1874 and renamed it Geyer Bros. Brewing Co. In 1987 it was purchased out of bankruptcy for $365,000 by Ervin Industries and Ferdinand M. Schumacher, who renamed the business Frankenmuth Brewery, Inc. Randall E. Heine bought majority ownership from Ervin Industries in 1990. Heine sold as many as 13,000 barrels of beer in 25 states before an F3 tornado on June 21, 1996 tore through "Little Bavaria", downtown Frankenmuth. The business was closed for seven years in the aftermath, re-opening in June 2003 with a 300-seat, three-level restaurant. There was also a Frankenmuth Brewing Company.

The brewery's products have included Frankenmuth Pilsner, Bock, Dark, Weiss (beer) and Octoberfest.

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