Matilija Falls

Los Angeles, California

United States of America





The primary cliff jumping spot at Matilija Falls is the pool right above the falls. You can use the rope on the right side of the waterfall to get in and out of the swimming hole. The cliffs range from a bunny slope of 15 feet to a professional diving height of 50 feet. Water depth can be SHALLOW in some areas. Make sure you',re jumping to deep enough water otherwise you risk injury.


Matilija Falls is located along Matilija Creek which eventually flows into the Matilija Lake. It all orginates from the Venutra River. It is about an hour and half drive from Downtown Los Angeles. You park in the dirt parking area at the end of North Matilija road in Ojai, then hike 5 miles along the creek to the falls.


Matilija Creek ( mə-TIL-i-hah) is a major stream in Ventura County in the U.S. state of California. It joins with North Fork Matilija Creek to form the Ventura River. Many tributaries feed the mostly free flowing, 17.3-mile (27.8 km) creek, which is largely contained in the Matilija Wilderness. Matilija was one of the Chumash rancherias under the jurisdiction of Mission San Buenaventura. The meaning of the Chumash name is unknown.

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