Northville Tunnels

Northville Township, Michigan

United States of America


Northville Township, Michigan





If you are in need of a spooky thrill look no further than the tunnels running under the former Northville Regional Psychiatric Hospital, now informally known as the Northville Tunnels. Be extra careful when exploring, it is extremely dangerous and could result in injury or death. The tunnels are underground and can easily be located.


You can find the tunnels on Sheldon &, Canton Center inbetween Plymouth and Northville.


Northville Township, officially the Charter Township of Northville, is a charter township of Wayne County in the U.S. state of Michigan and a suburb in Metro Detroit. The population was 28,497 at the 2010 census.

The City of Northville is adjacent to the northern part of the township but is administratively autonomous. Portions of Northville Township were incorporated into the Village of Northville, which later incorporated as the City of Northville. Portions of the township have also since been annexed to the city. The most recent annexation was property owned by the City of Northville as part of the Rural Hill Cemetery. A majority of the township is served by Northville Public Schools. A small portion of the township is served by Plymouth-Canton Community Schools. The entire township is served by the Northville District Library and by its own police and fire departments.

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