Pool of Death

East Kauai, Hawaii

United States of America


East Kauai, Hawaii





The Pool of Death is exactly what it sounds like for inexperienced swimmers. Part of the beautiful Kipu Falls along the Huleia Stream - this swimming hole can quickly turn deadly. Fluctuating tides and seasonal changes make this swimming hole rise, drop and change at a moments notice. Use extreme caution if cliff diving at this amazing spot.


There are many cliff diving spots, rope swings and perfect swimming areas along the Huleia Stream. The actual Pool of Death swimming hole is located south of the water falls, follow the water until chills go through your spine!


Kipu Falls (closed) is a waterfall in East Kauai, Hawaii. It is known for its easy access, serene pool, jumping cliff and rope swings. '

Kipu Falls has a dangerous reputation due to recent drowning deaths where five people died at the location in a five-year span. Kipu Falls are also widely known for being the filming location of the famous introduction scene to the classic movie "Raiders of The Lost Ark" (The Falls can be seen at a close distance behind Indiana Jones Harrison Ford in this iconic shot). Shortly after showing Kipu Falls, Indiana Jones is chased by a huge boulder out of a cave while attempting to recover an ancient artifact idol. This adventure scene is supposed to be set deep in the South American Jungle. The beauty of the Kipu Falls and the special effects noises add to the feeling of being deep in the Jungle with Indiana Jones.

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