Rere Rock Slide

Gisborne, Gisborne

New Zealand


Gisborne, Gisborne





This is one of the free major attractions of the river, which can be used by almost all age groups. The rockslide is a 60-metre-long natural water slide. The rocks have been smoothed by the constantly running water of the Wharekopae River. Boogie boards, inflatable mattresses and inner tubes can be used to slide on and it's a wild ride. Care should be taken and check in with the locals first, if you're feeling unsure about racing down it.


Drive approximately 50km north-west from Gisborne on the Wharekopae Road towards the Eastwoodhill Arboretum and you will reach the small community of Rere. Heading down to the Wharekopae River will bring you to the Rere Falls and the Rere Rock Slide (we should mention that these are two different parts of the river just in case you're wondering if people really slide over the falls).


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