Pewits Nest

Bararoo, Wisconsin

United States of America


United States of America

Bararoo, Wisconsin





Une magnifique réserve naturelle près de Baraboo, dans le Wisconsin. Il est situé à 1,5 milles de la route 12 des États-Unis et du comté W dans le sud-ouest de Baraboo.


Pewit's Nest State Natural Area is a nature reserve of Wisconsin, USA, that includes a deep gorge formed during the retreat of the last glacier. Pewit's Nest is outside Baraboo in Sauk County. At one time a waterwheel and mill were located on the site and an individual lived in the solid sandstone. The name of the site was a result of early settlers calling it "Peewit's Nest" after the abode, ten feet above a deep pool of water, resembling the nest of a phoebe (or peewit, an earlier name for this bird). The water-wheel once turned lathes for repairing or manufacturing equipment, but no evidence of it remains. Pewit's Nest is owned by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and was designated a State Natural Area in 1985.

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